The Bunker Project


Sector Residential

Client Mr L Miles

Architect Lincoln Miles Architecture Ltd

The Bunker Project is a new dwelling connecting, responding, expressing a narrative with an existing WWII Radar Bunker and the surrounding coastal ‘Undercliff’ landscape. A collaboration between Artist and Architecture.

Project Overview

Create a new building that seamlessly connects and accentuates the old non-operational concrete bunker. The new architecture was designed to insert and interweave into the existing structure, leaving the historic fabric (raw concrete) completely intact and uncontaminated as a volume.

Added Value

Lincoln Miles has two of his designs featured on Channel 4’s Grand Designs. He is an architect that seeks to invent something new and is not afraid to take risks. This project is no exception. It is innovative, experimental and breaks the mould of traditional design. From the inception of this project, Lincoln recognised the need to engage with a like-minded Building Control Body to help him realise his dream. Butler & Young enjoy a challenge and were just as determined to see this exceptional and unique project come to fruition. We fully embrace innovation, creative design and forward thinking, recognising the published guidance, such as the Approved Documents can often constrain your ambitions. Our early engagement was critical to the success of the project.

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