Accredited CDM Training 2019

All of our CDM Training focuses at the heart of CDM, the skilful process of Design Risk Management (DRM). DRM is the application of the General Principles of Prevention (PoP) which is the “Art of CDM”. It is not box ticking or creating/using template documents, it is managing design risks so that projects can be built, used, maintained and eventually re-cycled (refurbished or demolished) safely and healthily.


Courses Provided – Accredited by the Association for Project Safety

Title Duration CPD Hours
Principal Designer 2 Day 18
CDM2015 Awareness 1 Day 9


Any of our courses can be run “In-House” at a venue provided by you or by us. This can be beneficial for a collective business or corporate understanding of the regulations, as well as being cost effective for 6 or more people. Additionally, you can allocate space for attendance by others so you can recover some of your financial commitment – talk to us about your needs especially if you also need RIBA certification.


Free and Discounted On-Line Health and Safety Training

Follow this link to see the on line health and safety training available from Butler & Young:


When you attend one of our CDM Courses you will be offered a free Asbestos for Architects & Designerson-line course. One free course per attendee.

Online Health & Safety Training

You will also be offered the following discount for other on-line course purchases:


Attendance on 1 Day course  – 10% Discount

Attendance on 2 Day course  – 20% Discount

This is a onetime offer used once but your purchase is unlimited.


Principal Designer – Two Day Course 2019-2020


This course is aimed at the PD Role. It is a must for all PD’s appointed to the duty holder position for any kind of project. Additionally on our course, you will gain knowledge for providing CDM Advisory Services to CDM duty holders including, Clients, Principal Designers, Designers, Principal Contractors and Contractors. For evidence of your personal SKE and corporate capability you should attend this course if you want to know how to be a PD for any type of construction project. It is not just for architects.


Our course concentrates on Design Risk Management (DRM) and the application of the General Principles of Prevention (PoP). You will understand what is required to successfully plan, manage, monitor and coordinate health and safety matters of concern for any kind of construction project. Various examples and exercises are provided to help you understand what it means to control risks through design.


This course does not expect you to be a health and safety expert but will provide you with the knowledge of the CDM Regulations and the expectations to discharge health and safety duties.


There is a course test.


We currently have the following 2 day “Principal Designer” courses scheduled:

  • 9-10 April 2019           Liverpool
  • 14-15 May 2019         Belfast
  • 18-19 June 2019         London Central
  • 16-17 July 2019           Edinburgh
  • 13-14 Aug 2019          Bristol
  • 17-18 Sep 2019          London Gatwick
  • 16-17 Oct 2019           Manchester
  • 19-20 Nov 2019          Glasgow
  • 10-11 Dec 2019           London Central
  • 14-15 Jan 2020            Exeter
  • 18-19 Feb 2020           Liverpool
  • 17-18 Mar 2020          London Gatwick


The cost of the 2 day “Principal Designer Course” is £595.00  + VAT.

For more information, email or telephone Angela Coomber on
020 8253 4930 Mobile: 07808 888314.


CDM2015 Awareness – One Day 2019-2020


This course gives an overview of the requirements for Clients, Principal Designers, Principal Contractors, Contractors, Designers and Workers, and how the regulations apply to construction projects. It is a very condensed version of the 2 Day course rolled into one. This course is a must have for anyone with a CDM function, even if they do not have a duty holder role.


There is no course test.


We currently have the following one day courses scheduled:

  • 30 April 2019              London Central
  • 21 May 2019               Exeter
  • 25 June 2019               Manchester
  • 23 Jul 2019                  London Gatwick
  • 20 Aug 2019               Leeds
  • 24 Sept 2019              Canterbury
  • 22 Oct 2019                London Central
  • 26 Nov 2019               Lincoln
  • 17 Dec 2019               Birmingham
  • 21 Jan 2020                Gatwick
  • 25 Feb 2020               Edinburgh
  • 24 Mar 2020               Belfast


The cost of the 1 day “CDM2015 Awareness Course” is £295.00  + VAT.

For more information, email or telephone Angela Coomber on  020 8253 4930 Mobile: 07808 888314.

The Association for Project Safety (APS)


As these are accredited courses, attendance on them provides some APS membership benefits as follows:


Affiliate AaPS – Delegates that successfully pass courses will receive an APS Certificate for attending the course and will be able to apply directly to APS for free affiliate membership. Affiliate membership will be granted by the APS for one year and you will have 3 months (from receipt of your APS electronic certificate) to apply.


Membership points – An individual who successfully completes a course may claim points towards membership of APS. A copy of the CPD certificate must be included with an application.


Which Course do I Need?


You as an individual working on your own or as the organisation’s specialist representative (Principal) should attend the 2 day PD course. In order to provide evidence of your Skill, Knowledge and Experience (SKE) as a duty holder you should have attended credible training as part of that requirement. This helps you prove to those that might question you that you have the required knowledge and training to add to your experience – construction industry accredited training with a CPD certificate is the best way as part of your proof.


In an organisation, the ratio of how many people formally trained to those that are not is a consideration with no absolutes. Please discuss with us how many formally trained “Principals” might be considered necessary within your organisation.


If you as an individual believe you have a level of SKE and you require confirmation of your knowledge and formal training then the 1 day course might be considered sufficient. For the organisation to have capability it is a considered expectation that all relevant employees will need evidence of formal training in support of their SKE and your corporate competence.


General Notes


Update training – remember to keep your own and your organisations corporate capability up to date via the individuals SKE+T.


Note – Duty of care and Vicarious Liability. The acts and/or omissions of the employee are considered to be the acts and/or omissions of the employer – in their duty of care. The CDM Regulations refer often to “a person” – it is important to note that this refers to the employer (the boss of the company or the board if there is one – the “responsible person”). An employee does not discharge the duty but rather assists the “responsible person” employer (boss) to discharge their duty. If you are self-employed you are the duty holder.


This note is not in and of itself the legal definition as that is more complex – this is simply provided to help you initially understand how import the duty of care is to discharging CDM and health and safety duties. You will know more after attending our course.




APS Membership – Affiliate AaPS Coming Soon


Delegates that successfully pass either of our 2 Day APS Accredited courses assessment and test will receive an APS Certificate for attending the course and will be able to apply directly to APS for Affiliate Membership. Affiliate membership will be granted by the APS for one year and you will have 3 months (from receipt of your APS electronic certificate) to apply. Of course, if you have the necessary evidence of skill, knowledge and experience you can apply directly for membership at a more senior level appropriate to your qualifications and experience.  An individual who successfully completes an accredited course (one or 2 day) may claim points as allocated in the Qualifications and Experience table towards meeting full membership of APS. A copy of the certificate must be included with an application”.  There is a requirement for pre and post course learning to meet the full APS requirements of membership as it is based on your skill, knowledge and experience not just successful completion of our course.




On-Line CDM Training Packs

CDM Knowledge Sessions & CDM Knowledge Packs


Butler & Young are currently designing and filming a number of on-line CDM Knowledge Sessions and CDM Knowledge Packs. This on-line training is predominantly aimed at all those undertaking formal construction related training including degree courses, apprenticeships, a route to professional membership, construction supervision or management training, construction health and safety training, etc. That said, the training will be suitable for anyone working in the construction industry wishing to improve their skill, knowledge and experience. This will help ensure the CDM2015 “organisational capability” of your organisation. A “Taster Session” is now available at the link below. Please get in touch if you are interested in facilitating or supporting our on-line CDM training.


On-Line CDM Training Taster Video :  password: coomber


For more information contact Angela Coomber by email Our training department can be contacted by phone on 020 8253 4930 or Mobile: 07808 888314