Energy Efficiency Services

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The current economic and environmental climate create pressures for businesses of all sizes and types. Our resilient and deep network of affiliates and partners provide comprehensive knowledge of the energy market and via dedicated client account management help in managing risk and energy costs.

To reduce energy consumption organisations need to be able to measure and manage their energy usage. Energy management systems can be used to capture data from multiple sources to enable clients and their agents to be effectively manage their energy usage. Savings of up to 35% can be achieved.

Carbon Management & CRC Compliance

When the CRC scheme commences organisations will have to monitor and report all energy use emissions from all sources. Estimated figures will be subjected to a 10% uplift. Accurate monitoring and management will enable the submission of accurate consumption figures and produce the footprint and annual reports required to comply with the CRC.

  • Calculate your CRC exposure and your carbon emission payment
  • Evaluate all your greenhouse gas emissions for an accurate carbon footprint
  • Regular and accurate CRC exposure updates
  • Annual regulatory reporting and evidence pack
  • Carbon standard certification
  • Early detection of energy waste


Monitoring and Targeting

A simple let powerful approach to identifying inefficient performance and eliminating waste. Monitor what you manage, relate it to the independent variables that influence your energy consumption and set realistic targets. Our method helps achieve more accurate target setting with advanced regression analysis, formulae, performance indices, historical comparisons and load profiling.

  • Exception reports highlight waste where consumption exceeds target
  • CUSUM reports show trends in performance and the benefits of energy saving projects
  • KPI’s allow the benchmarking of performance using key metrics such as floor area or production figures and produce league tables of the best and worst performers.


Metering Solutions

Automatic meter reading eliminates the uncertainty provided by estimated readings. It ensures accurate billing and a better understanding of where energy is used.

Energy Procurement

Invoice Validation
Utility invoices contain errors estimated at between 3% and 5%.We can provide the following benefits:

  • Time saving with electronic (EDI Billing)
  • Supports all supplier electronic formats
  • Dedicated payment process
  • Interface with financial systems
  • Audit trail


Contract Analysis
The volatility within wholesale energy markets means it is vital to be able to analyse offers and identify the best option quickly because often offers are very transitory. The workflow enables the entire tendering process to be tracked and managed across the entire portfolio so that you have instant visibility of the exact position of all outstanding renewals on demand. From the production of tender documentation through to the most detailed cost analysis, we support the whole procurement process.